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We are a low cost virtual airline with a main base in Los Garzones Airport of Monteria, Córdoba, Colombia (SKMR / MTR), and a Regional HUB in Las Brujas airport of Corozal, Sucre, with the objective to connect the Caribbean coast with the world, arriving at the main cities and municipalities of our country with the latest generation aircraft.

We have a operations simulation as realistic as possible, which allows us to be competent in the aeronautical market of the network.

Our virtual airline has support in the IVAO network where in addition to learning, you will be able to share with us, the experience of flying with the best team, the best support, the best training and flight dynamics that adapts to the requirements of the commercial aviation in our country. Here we are not just an airline, here we are a family of aviation enthusiasts who dream that the simulation that we do today, one day it becomes something tangible and real.


Pilots 17
Aircraft in fleet 25
Routes 89
Total hours: 743:39
Flights total 622
Flights Regular 463
Flights Charter 159
% Flights Regular 74.44 %


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight Time
CBW105Jair Castillo Romero  SBEG  SKMR 2018-11-14 02:55
CBW105Jair Castillo Romero  SKMR  SBEG 2018-11-14 02:43
CBW114Julian Lema Diaz  SKBQ  SKMR 2018-11-13 00:31
CBW102Santiago Arroyo Simanca  SKMR  SKBO 2018-11-13 00:45
CBW106Luis Agresoth  SKMR  SKBO 2018-11-13 00:46